jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

Central Park of the Bonx Bank was the victim of a robbery

The 23 of June of 2011 bank robbery, the official Benito Cruz and Jairo Perez were protagonists of a Chase in New York City, The Central Park of the Bonx Bank was the victim of a robbery.

Criminals not identified, placed at cashiers to collect the riot while they amordazaban the victims. Past 2 p.m. the great mutiny was preparing to leave when a cashier can immediately play the alarm, officials who were giving a round heeded the call and after several shots streets below failed to stop the vehicle, which was found in an abandoned parking lot. Apparently criminals changed their vehicles and fled with the mutiny.

The report of the Bank leaves clear that criminals were around $ 500,000 in cash, while the hostages were not injured.

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