lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

goles de Shevchenko y empate 1-1 de Francia e Inglaterra ponen a Ucrania como líder

Con sus 35 años, 109 partidos por su selección y 48 goles a su haber, Andriy Shevchenko se convirtió en el héroe de la escuadra ucaraniana, que derrotó por 2-1 a Suecia. En el otro duelo de la llave, los franceses se fueron con el sabor amargo de no haber podido convertir en triunfo las numerosas incursiones que terminaro con disparos contra la valla británica. 

jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

Central Park of the Bonx Bank was the victim of a robbery

The 23 of June of 2011 bank robbery, the official Benito Cruz and Jairo Perez were protagonists of a Chase in New York City, The Central Park of the Bonx Bank was the victim of a robbery.

Criminals not identified, placed at cashiers to collect the riot while they amordazaban the victims. Past 2 p.m. the great mutiny was preparing to leave when a cashier can immediately play the alarm, officials who were giving a round heeded the call and after several shots streets below failed to stop the vehicle, which was found in an abandoned parking lot. Apparently criminals changed their vehicles and fled with the mutiny.

The report of the Bank leaves clear that criminals were around $ 500,000 in cash, while the hostages were not injured.

Argentina to take over rail firm after accident

The Argentine government Tuesday ordered the temporary takeover of the TBA rail company nearly a week after a crash of one of the operator's trains which killed 51 people and injured more than 700.

Planning Minister Julio de Vido said President Cristina Kirchner ordered the action due to “the public interest and the security of users.”
The official said the government would assume control for 15 days or until a criminal investigation is completed.

Fifty-one people died and another 703 were injured in last Wednesday's crash, when the train slammed into a bumper at Terminal Once. The train was carrying about 2,000 people.

The severity of the rail disaster for Argentina ranked behind only the 1970 train accident in Benavides that killed 236 people and the 1978 wreck in Santa Fe province that resulted in 55 deaths.

The Argentine inspector general, who oversees the functioning of the state railways, called last week for authorities to cancel the concession to private company Trains of Buenos Aires (TBA), which operated the train and is part of the Cirigliano Group.

The top official, who audited the same suburban train line in 2008, said the accident was caused by a “lack of respect for the most basic rules.”

No charges have been filed in the case, but Kirchner has called for an expedited investigation.
Transport Minister Juan Pablo Schiavi said the trains would continue to function.

“Maybe there will be fewer trains, maybe the schedules will be adjusted but this should not lead to chaos,” Schiavi said.

The line where the accident occurred, known as the Sarmiento branch, carries a daily average of 250,000 passengers in the Argentine capital region of some 14 million people.

The line was among those privatized under the 1989-99 government of president Carlos Menem, who privatized oil and gas companies, electricity producers and some 10,000 kilometers (6,000 miles) of rail lines.

viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012

Katy Perry. FIREWORK

An inspirational song that reminds you that everyone can achieve our dreams, just have to dare


Burgers.  It is a food processing in the form of sandwich or snack of minced meat collected in the form of fillet, cooked grilled or fried, originally of EE.UU. It occurs in a light bread split in two with a hemispherical shape. It is usually accompanied by onion rings, lettuce, a slice of tomato, slices of pickles, etc. Usually dress with some seasoning such as: ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, etc. Venezuela burgers are synonymous with fast food exist in great variety with exquisite combinations and succulent dressings made on a daily basis by the various posts of fast food in the country.

jueves, 16 de febrero de 2012

Venezuelan motorcyclists will compete in the World rally championship

 The Venezuelan Centaurs Rafael Eraso, Nicholas Cardona and Gustavo Querales, ensured their participation in the Cross Country-Rally World Championship Tournament which will run in half a dozen tests in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.
  Last October the trio of Creole specialists made his debut in the discipline cross country-rally when they took part in the 14th Rally of the Pharaohs, in Egypt, competition of six days in which completed an excellent presentation that laid the foundations for the incursion into the 2012 World Cup campaign, which in turn will open the doors for its premiere in Rally Dakar 2013 that will return in several Nations of South America.
 Larense Nicholas Cardona, former Latin American champion of endurance and gold medal in six days Enduro, was very satisfied for having ensured the presence in the world along with their fellow of...


CARACAS.-the national team Venezuela dawn today ranked 46 in the world rankings.  Last January, the tops fell 1 - 0 to United States and 3-1 before the Mexican combined.
The Creoles lost 19 points and dropped 5 positions in the ranking. 
The fall of the tops is due to the rise of the selections on the African continent after dispute the "African Cup of Nations" allowed some of the participating teams to rise more than 20 positions. 
Directed by César Farias, initially travelling on Thursday, February 23, was revealed this afternoon that travelling on Saturday 25 to the city of Malaga to confront Spain, champion of the world and leader in the FIFA count.  Venezuela is the ninth selection in the Conmebol ranking only above Bolivia.